digital exhibition

beyond the static image

In Linda Shopes’ Making Sense of Oral History, she discusses oral history in the digital age – definitions, best practices, and questions we should be asking about oral history.  Shopes’ working definition of Oral History:  “…a self-conscious, disciplined conversation between two people about some aspect of the past considered by them to be of historical… Continue reading beyond the static image

building digital collections

In reading through many different sources sharing best practices digital collections, I was struck by the specificity of standards across multiple different sources. The VRA core lists out specific syntax to use when building digital collections. These readings emphasized the importance of high-quality, detailed, and consistent metadata. I had not previously considered the importance of… Continue reading building digital collections

digital art history sources

Most digital cultural collections demand a query – that is, if you don’t know what you are looking for these digital sources are practically unusable . Mitchell Whitelaw writes, “as our cultural heritage is increasingly networked and digital, the life land use of that heritage will increasingly be conditioned by the forms in which it… Continue reading digital art history sources